Fowes "The Godbird" Trent

Fowes Trent started his career as an anonymous security contractor, but his audacious and much publicized mutiny of Mad Foreman Jonesy vaulted him to legendary status. Riding the momentum of the coup, Trent donned his self-coined moniker "The Godbird" and formed his infamous crew of mercs - the Cove Stalkers - who rose to become one of the most prestigious mercenary armies operating in The Fringe. Of late, he's settled into his celebrity status with a life of leisure amongst Beshtala-Chanko's elite, occasionally publishing self-aggrandizing tales of his adventures in The Fringe. Excerpts from Armaments of The Fringe: An Anthology of Insights from the Legendary Commander of the Cove Stalkers were used to compile this compendium.