Vil Sade

Born into the Rosen Age of Vayon, renowned theorist Vil Sade joined the cadres of the BC elite when a handful of members took note of his discourses on political philosophy and artful translations of texts. Well into his shrewd diplomatic and advisory career, he was approached by Nilas Macon, a young oligarch intent on reviving the legacy of his grandfather, Nilas the Grand, the illustrious military leader at the crux of the Re-Enlightenment. Sade accepted Nilas Macon's offer and provided counsel through a variety of mediums. After several seasons and a number of mediocre business ventures - most of which Sade had warned against - Macon's recalcitrance grew insurmountable to Sade; concurrently, his unethical political tactics had entered the public eye. Realizing the predicament before him, Sade, fearing further tarnishment to his character, publicly and ruthlessly denounced Macon and fled to the Fringe, where he carved a simpler life as a toad farmer.