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Discovered accidentally by a team of chemists, Astersilk was immediately marketed to asteroid miners as a cheap and easy solution for "dross mining" (gathering valuable materials in asteroid dusk). Soon after its release, though, ever-ingenious drifters discovered a multitude of practical uses for the "web in a can" like tethering items to an asteroid, settling the dust beneath a spacecraft, sweeping dust away, temporarily patching flexible materials, and many others. This in turn led to a new occupation: the "silker". A good silker can spin makeshift gaskets and grommets, flexible containers, signposts, and even toys and artwork. Mining crews in low gravity often employee a dedicated silker to stand guard to catch stray tools (and even the occasional drifter) that would otherwise float off into oblivion.

Usage directions from an astersilk canister:

Directions for dross mining (steps 1-7) and debris containment (steps 1-2):

  1. Point nozzle in direction of loose mineral site.

  2. Spray site in a spiral motion starting at the outside of the circle and spiraling in toward the center making sure every concentric ring is touching the previous ring.

  3. As you reach the center, slow the flow and raise nozzle over the circle pointing down.

  4. IMPORTANT: take care not to break the line of astersilk between the center pool and your nozzle.

  5. Hold position for 3 minutes and then give the line a slight tug, if the circle moves with the tug, you can now reel in your haul. Otherwise, wait a few more minutes until it is set.

  6. Drop your haul (both minerals and astersilk) into canister.

  7. At your convenience, pour alcohol into the canister to dissolve astersilk.