Nelya Gils

Nelya Gils was a loyal mid-level member of the Vay Party. An adolescence spent in the Post-Rosen Age inculcated an unwavering sense of national pride in her generation. As the Party descended into totalitarianism at the hands of Ara Vay during the period that would later be identified as The Inexorable Wilting, a deluge of Party Members and citizens, hoping to avoid their comrades' brutal fates of censorship, imprisonment, and exile, attempted to renounce their citizenship and flee. This brutal era created fecund ground for a variety of nuanced, rich countercultures, including robust art and music scenes, which later found new life in The Fringe. Gils' devotion to the Party, particularly through her passionate defenses of Ara Vay's brutality and propagandistic annals, led her to survive the Expurgations, unlike many of her fellow Party Members.