Isol Marra

Isol Marra is a prospective member of the nascent Fringe chapter of the Archival Society for the Documentation and Preservation of Historical and Cultural Materials of the Occupied Spaces, an NGO colloquially known as the Archives of the Occupied Spaces (or, more simply, the AOS.) For the final stage of her thesis, Marra wrote Frontiers, an informational, panoramic portrait of life in the Fringe before, during, after the Freight Wars presented through abridged, open-ended interviews. Intimate conversations with her grandmother, Quenn Marra, comprise numerous entries in the thesis. The elder Marra, a native to Dobitt's Hem, spent much of her life at the Lapor Pivot, a Dugall-built refueling and logistics station established by Dugall Freight in orbit around Earlie Prime.